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Provider Relief

Dear Daycare Provider,


  • Are you in need of free time to take care of other duties inclusive of running a daycare, such as paperwork, meeting with other teachers, employees, suppliers, etc.?
  • Are you burnt out making sure you have weekly lesson plans for your students?
  • Are you frustrated because you do not have time to take care of your personal business during the workday?
  • Or do you hesitate when it comes to enhancing your students' cultural education (by taking field trips) because of the lack of volunteers to chaperone?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have proven that being a teacher or daycare provider requires a management of time some people----DO NOT HAVE. The answer to your dilemmas is here: you can now... relax, take time, have time and fun and no area of your business go lacking. 
This letter is to announce a new wave of learning and assistance known as JuMia, “Learning on the Go”. JuMia is a business developed to assist daycare providers on an hourly basis with curriculum based learning and crafts. JuMia is also available to offer a variety of other services included in the “Services Menu” below.
Please look over the following information and call JuMia's with the services you need provided for your daycare. 
JuMia's----”Learning on the Go!”
Services Menu

◆ Curriculum Based Learning

◆ Curriculum Based Crafts w/Craft Kits

◆ Sign Language

◆ Music & Movement

◆ School Readiness

◆ Assistance w/Lesson Plans

◆ Weekly Errands

◆ Chaperone Assistants

Materials are provided for up to 5 children

All educational services offered are age-appropriate

Note: Snacks are provided for and additional fee

For more information or to set up services, please call 919-475-0025

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